Our Approach
Empowering our people to accomplish their dreams
Our Approach

About Luza

Luza Tecnologia is a Portuguese start-up that is part of the Belgian group, De Cronos Groep. We are characterized by our commitment to our people, their well-being, and development.

At Luza Tecnologia we strive to create a spirit that allows for the empowerment of our people and the success of our teams. Our door is always open to those who are motivated to be entrepreneurial and seeking to start their own successful company within the group.

We give space for our people to focus on their areas and projects, believing that together we can make those dreams come true.

We work in a flexible, remote and hybrid way, valuing the contribution that each one can make to society. It is an informal model of individual responsibility, where the well-being of each person is of utmost importance.

About Luza

Alma Luza

A brief explanation of our name, Luza, is the soul (Alma) of the people of Lusitania that originated in Portugal. Our inheritance comes from the different people who settled in this region, the Celts, the Moors, and the Romans, who were known as welcoming and inclusive people whose biggest characteristic was the pride in taking our culture around the world.

Today, in the 21st century, we are recognized as highly qualified in the areas of technology, in terms of training and the companies for which our people work.

Uma<br />
Alma Luza Uma<br />
Alma Luza

Why choose
Portugal to work?

Geographical and **cultural diversity**
Geographical and cultural diversity
A friendly and **welcoming culture** (socialization)
A friendly and welcoming culture (socialization)
Good weather and **fantastic food** (healthy lifestyle)
Good weather and fantastic food (healthy lifestyle)
Work-life **balance**
Work-life balance
Affordable **cost of living**
Affordable cost of living
New experiences, new perspectives, **new inspirations**
New experiences, new perspectives, new inspirations
More freedom to air ideas and keep the **creative mind**
More freedom to air ideas and keep the creative mind

We work with Microsoft

We are proud to partner with the Cronos Group and the European ecosystem of Microsoft partners. Our teams specialize in Microsoft skills and are dedicated to helping your customers with their digitalization and technological updating. We invest in our people to ensure they are equipped to provide the best possible service and support.

Microsoft is the technical foundation, but we work with people. Our sole focus is Microsoft Technology, with the following knowledge pillars:
Modern Workplace Modern Workplace
Modern Workplace
Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365
Azure Azure
Power Platform Power Platform
Power Platform

Our partnerships are built on a foundation of collaboration, differentiation, and innovation.

We provide the perfect solution and team to address your customers' business needs. Our Go To Market model is always in partnership with the Microsoft European ecosystem, ensuring that we are always striving for joint success.

Meet the Board

The spirit of the company is to enhance the skills of each person in a relaxed and cheerful environment, so that this can be reflected in our customers. Becoming part of Luza is the decision of each one who identifies with the values that characterize us, investing in people, their well-being and growth, and the contribution that each one can make to a more sustainable and inclusive society (giving back).

Nelson Tavares da Silva
Nelson Tavares da Silva
Managing Partner

My daily mantra is ‘The only real happiness is the happiness you give to others’. That is why I strongly believe that people are the only reason a company can be successful in business. By starting Luza, I want to empower and help them to pursuit their dreams and career goals.

Rita Herédia Cordovil
Rita Herédia Cordovil
Managing Partner

My free and entrepreneurial spirit are reflected in this Luza's new and awesome adventure. I am always looking for challenges that can be interesting for the whole team around me, and this is definitely ‘THE’ challenge. I couldn't be more excited and certain of this journey that we are going to build together.

A positive and relaxed work environment