Blog 30 November 2023

12 Months of Luza: A Positive Adventure


Twelve months have flown by, and here I am, feeling like I was always destined to breathe life into the Luza project. It's one of those moments when life puts us in the right place at the right time. In a few words, I can summarize this year as a journey where I felt supported, recognized, and deeply inspired. And that is the foundation that has sustained all our growth.

Supported: A Group Focused on Entrepreneurship

Being a part of the Cronos Group is like being a part of a large family of entrepreneurs in the world of technology. Here, there is room for everyone, and management is agile and transparent. It's a community that values diversity of ideas and talents, where each of us finds support to make our focused project a reality.

Recognized: The Recognition of Luza

Working with people who are genuinely committed to Luza's success is a privilege. Here, we are appreciated not only for what we do but also for our commitment and contribution to the Group. Recognition makes the work environment rewarding and exciting.

Inspired: Contributing to Success

Here, I feel inspired every day. This is because I appreciate the management model that allows each of us to contribute to the success of the individuals who are part of Luza. It's a collaborative approach that promotes mutual growth.

Starting from Scratch: Seeking a Support Network

In these initial months, I experienced the challenge of starting from scratch. Building a strong support network was crucial, and I firmly believe that we are stronger when we trust those around us. I found people who shielded us from risks in areas we weren't familiar with, such as legal matters, finance, obligations, communication, recruitment strategy, and website development. There's no better or worse, but I believe that doing things with heart and soul makes all the difference. These months were marked by total dedication, a sense of freedom and achievement, and an unwavering determination to move forward and inspire others. I am proud to have taken the risk of starting from scratch.

Special Thanks: A Partnership That Bore Fruit

This journey began with a Dutch friend, Nelson Tavares da Silva, who believed in the Rita & Nelson duo and the teams at InBluu and the Cronos Group who stood by our side as we took our first steps.

Thank you to everyone, and especially to Nelson, Jan Brouwer, Anni Hielscher, and all those involved. Here's to more years ahead, as Luza is ready to face new challenges and add value to Microsoft's partner companies. We are here, ready to deliver excellent projects.


by Rita Herédia Cordovil, Managing Partner at Luza