Case Studies 01 March 2024

How Luza Tecnologia Portugal Boosts InBluu's Projects?


The Team as a Service (TaaS) as a flexible and cost-effective way to hire remote Microsoft specialists for InBluu’s projects. Check here the pdf version of this Case Study.

The Challenge

InBluu is a company that helps corporate and enterprise businesses in various sectors, such as manufacturing, food, retail, and logistics, to leverage the power of the Microsoft cloud. It is committed to sustainability, diversity, and innovation in everything it does.

“One of the challenges we face as a growing company is finding the right IT talent especially for our projects business. We wanted to partner with a reliable and flexible company that can provide us with high-quality Microsoft professionals who share our culture and values”, highlights Jan Brouwer, Managing Partner at InBluu.

With an always present pressure on resources, challenging projects, and demanding customers, it’s always a balancing act to have the right expertise at the right time. In order to create a flexible workforce, Inbluu has been searching for a stable partnership which could provide quality resources in line with the Dutch, getting-things-done culture.

The Solution

After evaluating several companies from different countries, Inbluu has chosen Luza Tecnologia from Portugal as its partner to work with. Strong points of Luza are:

  • Portugal has a strategic location in Europe, with excellent connectivity and infrastructure, and a close cultural and linguistic affinity with many countries
  • Clear focus on Microsoft (cloud) technology
  • Large Database of more than 5000 skilled and experienced professionals
  • Multiple contract options and flexibility in terms and conditions
  • Lowered costs and risks compared to hiring or outsourcing
  • Agile model, leadership multilingual, Portuguese, Dutch, English, and German
  • Portugal as an EU member state has a favorable business environment and little barriers

InBluu’s current contract with Luza Tecnologia is based on a Team as A service (TaaS) contract. TaaS is a flexible and cost-effective way to hire remote Microsoft specialists for InBluu’s projects.

“We work with skilled and experienced professionals who are working as part of an InBluu customer team or on a individual assignment. This provides us with a trusted and connected team familiar with our processes which enables us to realize instant results for our clients in a flexible manner. We are able to scale the team depending on end customer needs without hassle or substantial commitments.”, explains Jan Brouwer.

The Results

As InBluu leverages multiple people and regards the Luza team as InBluu at arm's length, it tries to meet physically every 3-4 months at its office and or at a customer location in the Netherlands. By facilitating this, Inbluu aligns and communicates even better between its teams and end customer. InBluu has seen productivity and results increase more as team members easily find each other but also know where to find the right expertise for technical challenges they might have.

As English has become the standard language within InBluu, it can easily switch gears and communicate efficiently over international teams but always with a blink to its Dutch culture.

“By entering this partnership, we feel that we created an agile workforce where we can run our end customer projects with the highest flexibility with very good quality at competitive rates”, concludes Jan Brouwer.


About InBluu:
InBluu is a Cronus group of companies focusing on implementing Microsoft cloud technologies in the Netherlands in order to help clients adapt faster to change and stay relevant in the digital era. Its ambition is to be implementing, maintaining and improving a wide range of Microsoft cloud solutions for clients in commercial verticals and healthcare. More info at

About Luza Tecnologia:
Luza is a tech company part of the Cronos Group and works to provide the right Microsoft solution and the right team to address complex and critical business challenges. From Portugal, its Global Microsoft Hub has been helping Microsoft Partners around Europe to bring their customers' projects to life and make the most of Microsoft technology. More info at