Team 07 November 2023

Interview with Edvandro Santos


Let's meet Edvandro Santos, our Expert in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO!

How did Luza come into your life and why did you choose us to develop your career?

I was referred by a mutual friend, Eda Oliveira, whom I worked with in 2022. Despite being in a financially solid position in the market and living well as a freelancer, I really liked the conversation with Rita and Nelson and their project and vision for Luza. With them, I could be "Edinho," Edvandro's personal figure. You see, I work with Dynamics because I enjoy it. I love the technology, love talking about it, and I'm passionate. They gave me a listening ear. We had a scheduled 30-minute meeting that ended up lasting nearly 2 hours. I felt very comfortable. I wished to be a part of this project right from the beginning. Through them, I could see that joy, respect for the employee, transparency, the pursuit of excellence while always caring about the individual was something that captivated me.

What do you most value in the company and how do you expect to contribute to joint growth? What qualities stand out in you?

Without a doubt, it's the respect for people, you know? I don't feel like just a number in HR or Finance, even though I'm a service provider. Again, the quest for the skills necessary to deliver a quality service makes all the difference, and Luza has that. Nelson recently shared his journey in launching Microsoft's Copilot with all of us, which gives us the opportunity to learn more and more. I attended Microsoft Build, which, despite not being in my field, opened up another world and new possibilities. It's this inspiration and motivation that Luza brought to me. How do I intend to contribute? I want to bring as many projects as possible and have a highly qualified team, but above all, a team that is happy to work with Dynamics. I want to pass on this happiness, professionalism, dedication, and responsibility to our clients. I had a consultancy in Brazil, and what made me successful was honesty in negotiations. We never committed to something we couldn't do, and that's very common in the business world. That doesn't exist at Luza. The professional and life philosophies are similar to mine.

What is your opinion about remote work and why do you think it is a good option?

Remote work is undoubtedly a great gift of the new times. Technology allows us to do this. But I sincerely believe that a hybrid regime, allowing the employee to decide, is the best option. We need social interaction, we need to talk, meet, laugh, discuss solutions, etc. And the office is important for that. I have been working from home since 2010, so this "boom" is not new to me. Honestly, I prefer the hybrid regime.

What are your main functions and skills?

I am currently hired as an Expert in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO. I easily master any technology related to this solution since the early 2008. Besides that, I have leadership skills, international project experience, good documentation, training, software development in various programming languages, including PHP, Ruby, iOS, C#, and ASP.NET. I have experience in DevOps, Azure, and many other things. I usually say I am very privileged because I have been through almost all technology areas from the 2000s, from hardware to software.

What project are you involved in and what do you do?

I am assigned as a collaborator in D365 FO for iFacto, one of the Cronos Group companies. I am part of the development and infrastructure management team for D365 FO Azure environments.

How did the onboarding process go?

The onboarding at iFacto was simple and straightforward. At Luza I was introduced during a meeting that happens on Fridays and it was great! 😊

Where do you live and what do you like to do in your free time? Is there any curiosity about you?

I live in the municipality of Matosinhos, in the district of Porto. I love watching series, playing some instruments like percussion, but most importantly, I love spending time with my family and my beloved 9-month-old daughter, Isabel. She is my treasure. I am Isabel's father and the stepfather of Anita and Analuz, two girls I am extremely proud of. A curiosity: In 2009, I created a blog about Dynamics AX (which is now 365 FO), and it ran until 2019. In 2012, I was named one of the top 100 most influential figures in Dynamics ERP worldwide!!! Apart from that, I have worked with Microsoft Brazil, performed musically in Seattle, and many other cool things.

What do you expect from the future?

I hope to be part of the Luza/iFacto/Cronos management group for the ERP unit (D365 FO) as discussed in the first interview. I really want to have a structured and highly qualified team to make a difference in the ERP market. I know the pains, I know what is needed.

Do you consider that we are fulfilling our claim of “We make work a positive experience? 😊 Why?

Yes, I consider it. Because I live it every day. Since I was with the team in Viseu, the iFacto team, and Nelson in Belgium, I felt that this is my place.