Team 24 February 2023

Interview with Nelson and Rita - If you are stuck on Microsoft, give us a call


Our sister company, Bluu, made a great interview with Luza’s Managing Partners, Rita and Nelson. They talked about founding Luza, how they knew each other, how the name came about, and most importantly, what they can do for you.

Hi guys, you’re new to the Crew. Let’s kick off by introducing yourselves.

Rita: I started my first job a very long time ago at a multinational company, after which I worked in several big companies. Nelson introduced me to De Cronos Groep a few months ago, and after working for large corporations, a start-up setting looked like fun. Aside from my job, I’m married, I have two children, and two grandkids, a pair of twins. I firmly believe that weekends should be spent with family. (laughs) I really think weekends are for family time. So, as you can see, I’m very dedicated to having people around and offering them pleasant experiences.

Nelson: I've been married for 26 years now, and we have two kids together. But they only text me when they need money. (winks) I live in Aalsmeer, which is the city of flowers. I always tend to take visiting clients to the flower auctions, but these always take place in the very early mornings. Besides my life in The Netherlands, I also have a, currently inactive, vineyard in Portugal. To sum it up; wine, family and flowers! (laughs) Microsoft has remained a constant in my professional life throughout my career. I was a Microsoft employee, who also worked as a Microsoft partner and sold Microsoft goods.

How’s it been working together so far?

Nelson: We had been working in the Microsoft environment for a long time and had frequently crossed paths at events, but never as coworkers. Our greatest advantage, in my eyes, is our seniority. As seniors, we understand all the better what the customer needs. Diversity and putting our people first are two things Rita and I value highly. This strategy sets us apart from Portuguese standards.

Rita: So far so good! (laughs) No, seriously, it’s a good match! I love having someone who’s local (in The Netherlands) and I enjoy being here close to my family. It’s a very open environment and it’s definitely working at the time being.

What does Luza do? Why Luza?

Rita: Are you having problems with the Microsoft environment? Do you require a consultant, developer, or Microsoft specialist, etc.? Luza can help! We are a consultancy filled with Microsoft experts and skilled developers and certified employees in all kinds of Microsoft domains - Azure, Power Platform, CRSM, Dynamics. As consultants, We’re consultants, we want to find out how we can help your workforce, short or long term. As we firmly believe in our people, we don’t identify ourselves as a cheap niche. On the contrary, we make sure our people are paid above average.

What makes u so unique?

Nelson: I think we can be a flexible Microsoft hub for De Cronos Group, that offers a certain continuity. Besides that, we also propose some international capability. We may help by providing the qualified personnel for the project, if they decide to tackle bigger assignments. We therefore provide assistance and flexibility which we can easily support from our Microsoft Database with more than 3000 professionals.

How did Luza originate?

Rita: Before Portugal existed, there was a Province called Lusitania inhabited by the people of Iberia, which was a mixture of tribes. Besides that, the Portuguese word for Bluu and sea is ‘azul’. Reverse that and you get Luza. So there's a double link. Luza is a very common word in Portugal, so officially our name is ‘Luza Tecnologica Portugal’.

What challenges do u face in 2023?

Nelson: Finding the right people, understanding the group's and the market's current demands and needs, is difficult. We're talking to medium-sized and huge multinational corporations that we want to hire locals for. So we need to find the exact right fit.

How did u become part of the BluuCrew?

Nelson: Around 18 months ago, Jeroen and Sven (Noomen, Appreef) were having a meeting at the office in Breda. Bluu, Inkubis and InBluu came to the conclusion it would be challenging finding people in the Microsoft business in The Netherlands in the upcoming year. After that, Jeroen suggested Portugal as a potential Microsoft hub, and Sven pointed him in my direction. I was naturally intrigued and eager to unite Portugal with The Netherlands and use our Microsoft experience and network, which we finally proposed to Luk De Nayer (founder of Bluu). Now in 2023, we are live and already have our first three new employees starting and even more important Happy employees and we already found new projects for them to start in March and April.

Where do u see Luza within the next three years?

Rita: I want everyone speaking of Luza in the Microsoft environment within De Cronos Groep. I'd like to create a 100% remote workforce that can sustainably number between 40 and 45 employees. The most important thing is to see our people working on the next level, being able to grow as a person and a professional.

And what’s in it for me? Why would I choose Luza?

Nelson: The Microsoft focus. If you have a love for Microsoft and technology you should join Luza. Working at a start-up can always seem like a risk, but we have De Cronos Groep backing us up and helping us with finding our first projects. In addition, you have the opportunity to develop here, learn, and uncover countless opportunities.

Rita: Candidates give us incredibly positive feedback when they see two things within Luza: global initiatives, and cutting-edge technology. De Cronos Groep and we both have the same moral principles. We are naturally people-centered and growth-oriented.

Nelson: Life’s full of coincidences. A little bit of luck is necessary for success. You must make decisions, and occasionally those decisions turn out to be the best ones. I have always made those selections by listening to my heart throughout my professional life.