Team 12 January 2024

Interview with Pedro Lopes Gonçalo


It's time to learn more about Pedro Lopes Gonçalo, our new and awesome Dynamics 365 Consultant!

How did Luza come into your life and why did you choose us to develop your career?

I was very fortunate to learn about Luza from a friend when I was affected by Microsoft layoffs. At the time I was working as a Dynamics Support Engineer for just about a year. From the first Teams conversation with Rita and Nelson, I knew there was genuine care for creating a solid Team. Seeing a new promising company emerging with lots of opportunities and challenges made me gladly embrace Luza.

What do you most value in the company and how do you expect to contribute to joint growth?

The major factor for me is always the Team, having a solid Team who is experienced and enjoys sharing knowledge is the foundation for the success of any company. Another point that is very valuable to me is flexibility/adaptability, in this regard, Luza as a company has the ability to change or be changed easily according to the situation. Working for Luza I do expect to contribute with my dedication and ability to adapt to every situation pointed in my direction. I'm sure this will help foster strong relationships with our customers.

What is your opinion about remote work and why do you think it is a good option?

Remote work is a great option as it provides a very manageable work-life balance. Working remotely for some days of the week will provide me with a few more hours a week for my personal life. I do believe working in person is better for sharing knowledge and problem-solving, making communication a bit more easier, the key for me is using both ways to our advantage always keeping in mind a healthy balance between work and personal life.

What are your main functions and skills?

I have always worked as a Dynamics 365 Consultant, working as a Consultant over the years I have tried to know about most of Dynamics 365 tools. From building plugins / javascripts, customizing and configuring the system, low code (Power Apps and Power Automate) in all of Dynamics 365 apps. Recently I have started to work on my weaknesses regarding Dynamics 365 by learning Azure and embracing a Project with Portals.

What project are you involved in and what do you do?

I'm currently assigned to a Project based in Belgium where my main focus is to continue to develop plugins / javascripts and building / fixing issues on Portals. This is an existing project with a couple of years of development and our main goal is to make it as stable as possible.

How did the onboarding process go?

It was a very smooth process, Rita and Nelson always made me feel at ease and very welcomed, I already had a project to start working on and a very supportive Team to help me get familiar with the project.

Where do you live and what do you like to do in your free time? Is there any curiosity about you?

I currently live in Viseu, Portugal, I'm from a small village 15KM away from the city and recently moved to Viseu. I moved to Viseu because it is the perfect balance between city life and nature. For me, Viseu has this perfect balance because it is not a very busy city having all the perks of living in a city but it also has a lot of green spaces, where I can enjoy the country life I had growing up. Outside work, I do enjoy spending time with my friends in long conversations about whatever, I also like to play all kinds of sports, go to the gym and take long walks.

What do you expect from the future?

I would really like to continue to improve myself, both professionally and personally by doing what I love.

Do you consider that we are fulfilling our claim of “We make work a positive experience? 😊 Why?

Yes definitely! There is a genuine concern about everyone, making sure we are happy with what we are doing, this makes working a positive experience, where we actually love what we are doing and working does not feel like working anymore.