Team 08 May 2024

Interview with Vinícius Rocha


Let's meet Vinícius Rocha, one of our fantastic .NET Developers!

How did Luza come into your life and why did you choose us to develop your career?

Luza came into my life at a time of great need, when I was unemployed due to mass layoffs at my former company. I believe that, together with our customer Amdax, I will be able to elevate my technical skills to another level.

What do you most value in the company and how do you expect to contribute to joint growth?

I value companies that prioritize networking and offer great opportunities for the growth of their human resources.

What is your opinion about remote work and why do you think it is a good option?

Remote work is among the best decisions humanity has ever made! It increases productivity, reduces the likelihood of burnout, provides flexibility, and values the most precious resource: time.

What are your main functions and skills?

Backend development in .NET.

What project are you involved in and what do you do?

Amdax - cryptocurrency bank/exchange. My role is to maintain, evolve, and create new features on the platform.

How did the onboarding process go?

From my perspective, there is room for some specific improvements. However, considering Luza's organic growth and its culture, I believe that this will be a topic of constant refinement, always aiming for excellence.

Where do you live and what do you like to do in your free time? Is there any curiosity about you?

I live in Porto. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, going to the gym, watching series, and traveling.

What do you expect from the future?

I hope to conquer the world! Does a rocket have reverse gear? 🙂

Do you consider that we are fulfilling our claim of “We make work a positive experience? 😊 Why?

Yes, without a doubt.