Blog 06 May 2024

What has the art of Cooking to do with hiring remote IT specialists from Luza?


Cooking and hiring remote IT specialists: what can we learn from the Kitchen brigade to create the secret sauce and ingredients for making hiring remote IT experts from Luza Tecnologia.

We at Luza Tecnologia Portugal are deeply engaged with the professional growth of our people. I often engage with potential candidates to gauge their work-life balance, understanding what is behind the IT specialist and what drives him/her as an individual and which interests and passions they have.

One of my personal joys is cooking for family and friends, an activity that recently led me to explore the parallels between cooking and hiring remote IT specialists. The essence of both lies in the harmonious blend of precise elements to create something extraordinary.

Here are the key similarities I've observed:

1. Planning and Preparation

Crafting a delectable dish begins with selecting the finest ingredients and a well-considered recipe. Similarly, hiring remote IT specialists necessitates meticulous preparing staff, planning and assembling the right combination of skills and resources to achieve project excellence.

2. Execution with Precision

Just as culinary success hinges on following the recipe with precision, in hiring remote IT specialists, strict adherence to the project plan and quality standards is imperative for making remote sourcing a success internally and delivering superior software solutions to your customers.

3. Adaptability

A skilled chef must be adept at improvising, such as when ingredient substitutions are necessary. In the realm of hiring remote IT specialists, the ability to adjust to the evolving needs of clients and market dynamics is equally crucial.

4. Attention to Cultural Differences and Detail

In cooking, the smallest spice can make a world of difference in flavor. When hiring remote IT specialists, paying attention to the cultural nuances of a candidate's skills and personality can significantly impact the team's chemistry and project outcomes.

5. Timing is Everything

Just as timing is crucial in cooking to ensure each ingredient is added at the perfect moment for optimal taste, timing in hiring is key. Aligning or creating a great onboarding experience for remote IT specialists will influence the success of the project but also maximizes productivity and synergy for all involved.

6. Continuous Learning

A great chef is always experimenting and learning new techniques. Similarly, in the tech industry, continuous learning is vital. Hiring remote IT specialists who are committed to self-improvement ensures that our team stays innovative and competitive.

7. Teamwork

Just as a kitchen brigade must work in unison to deliver a meal that delights the senses, our remote IT specialists collaborate seamlessly (do not forget to create a great onboarding), leveraging diverse strengths to achieve a common goal. This synergy is the backbone of our success.

8. Communication

Clear communication is as vital in the kitchen as it is in IT. Our specialists are challenged to maintain open channels of dialogue, ensuring that every project is aligned with our clients' visions and expectations.

9. Valuing People

Above all, we recognize that our greatest asset is our people. Like selecting the freshest ingredients for a recipe, we find the brightest minds and nurture their growth, because when our team thrives, so do our solutions.

10. Data Security concerns

Think of it as the refrigerator in a professional kitchen. Just as chefs must keep their ingredients fresh and safe from contamination. Our IT professionals use state-of-the-art security measures to protect sensitive data from unwanted cyber-spoilage and are continuous trained around Compliance. We inform and try to keep up with international data protection regulations and see this as the health inspection that ensures everything and everyone is up to code.

Every project Luza Tecnologia undertakes is a testament to the harmonious blend of technology, culture and human creativity. Like a master chef who knows that the secret to a great dish lies not just in the ingredients but in the passion of its creator, we infuse every consultation with the same dedication and finesse.

If you're ready to add a dash of Portuguese Remote innovation to your projects and savor the taste of success, reach out to me or my associate Rita. Let's cook up something extraordinary together.

Join us in this culinary-inspired tech adventure and learn some recipes and new cultures of expertise.


by Nelson Tavares da Silva, Managing Partner at Luza