Case Studies 14 May 2024

How Luza Tecnologia Portugal Helps to Elevate Docubird?


The Team as a Service model as a flexible and cost-effective way to hire remote Microsoft specialists to support the implementation and customization of Xblox’s star product Docubird. Check here the pdf version of this Case Study.

The Challenge

Powered by Xblox, Docubird is an incredible Microsoft 365 add-in designed to enhance document management within the Microsoft ecosystem, which includes SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams. It integrates directly with Microsoft applications like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, making it easier for users to manage, store, and classify emails and documents without leaving their Microsoft 365 environment.

In many instances, clients struggle to effectively access and organize their information, particularly when faced with voluminous data that may lack appropriate structuring or relevance. This challenge is further compounded by a prevalent desire among clients for automated solutions that enhance productivity and minimize the need for manual interventions. In response to these needs, there is a significant emphasis on assisting clients in establishing SharePoint and Microsoft Teams environments that are tailored to their specific requirements and daily operations. These customized environments facilitate more efficient management and retrieval of information, thereby aligning with the clients' strategic objectives and operational demands.

Amid constant pressure on resources, challenging projects, and demanding customers, maintaining the right balance of expertise at the necessary moments is crucial. To foster a more adaptable workforce, Docubird has been pursuing a stable partnership that can supply high-quality resources induced with a pragmatic approach to accomplishing tasks.

The Solution

After evaluating several companies from different countries, Docubird has chosen Luza Tecnologia from Portugal as its partner to work with. Strong points of Luza are:

  • Portugal has a strategic location in Europe, with excellent connectivity and infrastructure, and a close cultural and linguistic affinity with many countries
  • Clear focus on Microsoft (cloud) technology
  • Large Database of more than 5000 skilled and experienced professionals
  • Multiple contract options and flexibility in terms and conditions
  • Lowered costs and risks compared to hiring or outsourcing
  • Agile model, leadership multilingual, Portuguese, Dutch, English, and German
  • Portugal as an EU member state has a favorable business environment and little barriers

Luza has been closely working with Docubird since September 2023, working efficiently and effectively as a team with each other.

“Working with Luza has been a fantastic experience. Their team's professionalism and expertise have made them an ideal partner for nearshoring. Xblox B.V. has collaborated with them on multiple projects, and each time, Luzatech has proven their capability and technological acumen. I highly recommend Luza to any company seeking a reliable and skilled nearshore partner”, explains Christiaan Ferreira, Director of Docubird.

The Results

The collaboration between Docubird and Luza Tecnologia has yielded substantial benefits. By leveraging Luza's skilled professionals and their expertise in Microsoft cloud technologies, Docubird has significantly enhanced its capacity to manage demanding projects and complex customer requirements effectively. This strategic alliance has not only met the immediate resource needs of Docubird but has also positioned both entities to thrive in a competitive, fast-evolving business environment, enhancing their ability to meet and exceed strategic objectives and also maintain a high level of service quality.


About Docubird:
Since its inception in 2006, Xblox has specialized in improving operational processes at various organizations. Docubird is a registered trademark of Xblox, is fully web-based and easy to use. Docubird Document Management and Workflow helps to organize documents and allows users to find the right information at the moment they need it. More info at

About Luza Tecnologia:
Luza is a tech company part of the Cronos Group and works to provide the right Microsoft solution and the right team to address complex and critical business challenges. From Portugal, its Global Microsoft Hub has been helping Microsoft Partners around Europe to bring their customers' projects to life and make the most of Microsoft technology. More info at